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About Us

The Dream

Suen Feng Loong (otherwise known as SFL) was formed back in 2003, as a team of close-knit friends and family. Originally a college crew, we were made up of students from several different colleges and universities. To this day, we pride ourselves as a diverse team of paddlers, and welcome people of all ages and experience levels.

The Achievements

SFL enjoyed a lot of success as a college crew, collecting over a dozen first place championships over the years. Since then, SFL has established itself as one of the top teams in the Bay Area, one of the most competitive dragon boat locales in the world. We hope to not only continue and build on this amazing legacy, but also venture out to other exciting venues and locations whenever we get the chance.

So if you enjoy competition and you aspire for new levels of glory, come out and join us! We'd love to share in that experience with you.

The Mission
Provide a fun atmosphere for those seeking dragon boat adventure
Coach and equip our paddlers for high levels of competition
Travel and compete at new and exciting locations
Actively strive for paddling excellence

Head Coach: Geoff Fong

As head coach, it’s my fun (but tricky) job to bring out the best in our paddlers when we’re on the water. To me, that means making workouts fun and creative while also challenging and productive. I’ll push your limits while respecting your abilities. Ultimately, seeing you succeed is my greatest reward and I pride myself on being open to your feedback.

When I’m not paddling, I work as a physical therapist helping people get back to what they love doing.

Team Manager: Christine Khuu

As the team manager, I'm responsible for the team's operation, finances, and PR with everything dragonboat. My main goals are to build SFL up as a competitive dragonboat team and to help develop individual team member's skills relating to responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

Off the water I teach swimming, and I am a Division Administrator/Financial Analyst, which goes to show that anyone can dragonboat!

Web Guy: Erich Hsu

Ah, the magic of photoshop. As resident web guy, I'm responsible for building out our website. My goals are to help facilitate some of the mundane business of running a team by maximizing our effectiveness with in-house tools to minimize the time it takes to complete administrative tasks.

I'm a web guy for a living, and I've stuck to dragon boat because it helps keep me in relative shape, but most importantly it helps me to maintain a solid, and consistent, level of fitness.