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What’s a dragon boat?

Just imagine a long canoe that seats 20 people! Add a steersperson in back and drummer up front to complete the package.

How do you dragon boat?

Each person paddles either on the left or right of the boat. The more in-sync we paddle, the faster we move. It’s all about the teamwork!

How do you race?

Here in the Bay Area, we race 250m and 500m straight courses. Boats line up in lanes, the horn sounds, and we race to cross the finish line. Feel acrobatic? Other races may even require teams to catch a flag at the finish line to win!

What if I can’t swim?

While it’s always a good idea to have basic water skills when being on a boat, being able to swim is NOT a requirement to participate. Boats may rock, but a cap-size is extremely rare. We only practice in calm waters, everyone must wear a life vest, and your safety is always our priority.

Who can join?

SFL is a co-ed team and membership is open to any adult or young adult. Never paddled before? We’re here to teach you. Never gave up on anything? NOW WE’RE TALKIN’!

What if I think dragons are lame?

Whether dragons are or were ever really cool is something we ask all the time. Feel free to join the debate.

What if I’m an incredibly awesome person who was born with a dragon-shaped birthmark and have always responded when I hear people say “The Chosen One”?

Uh…join already.

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