Welcome to the change log! I'll be posting new features here as they arrive

Tech update5/2/2020

The last update is all lies. Never pushed the code out to Heroku, I'm currently messing around with Google App Engine, and I'm enjoying the results. Should be able to save that $12/month server money since there's not much traffic here. Only took covid-19 for me to get back to work on this stuff.

Tech update9/26/2016

Yeaahhhhhh.. it's only been 4 years and a bit since the last update. I've swapped over to using heroku + node.js + angular (kind of) as the backbone for this stuff. I swapped over the php stuff willy-nilly so the codebase is kind of gross but that's part of the fun. I doubt I'll get around to member functions just because they're boring to write, but we'll see what the future holds: probably a mobile-friendly layout.

Gallery de SFL is now open!2/26/2012

I've decided that we needed a bit more life on the site.. so I've added a galleries feature. It won't be fully completed for some time, and it's a bit on the slow side. But, I wanted something there for a start. Check it out here!


Epic changes on the way in the form of an administrator tool so that we can add events, mess with the roster etc etc. Stay tuned for the full members launch of the SFL website!

Database changes2/14/2012

So scary! Note to self.. naming variables/columns in programming is one of the hardest things to do. That, and I should probably have just copied and altered my database and then pointed to it instead of making changes on the fly.

Are you interested in new features?1/26/2012

Also launching is this log of things I've changed and little bits on why I've changed them

Facebook makes me sad face!1/26/2012

So instead of having a seamless login system.. I've had to resort to a couple redirects to support multiple 3rd parties.. After my first launch of the login system today, and Facebook not returning curl calls and halting php in its tracks.. I've decided that managing an extra bit of data and having some redirects is worth it.

Member login!1/25/2012

I've set up openid to google and oauth2.0 from facebook to login to member registration. Actual features to come!

Seamless launch12/22/2012

No more of this file transfer breaking pages business.

Development Server? yes, please12/22/2012

There's nothing like getting the adrenaline from breaking stuff with live changes, but sometimes it's nice to show people content too.

Migration to Rackspace12/22/2012

Finally got tired of my old host and ftp.. ugh.. so I migrated over to Rackspace for a virtual unix box, ssh etc.

Sweet, sweet version control

I decided that managing my own backup is just too much work.. not to mention all the annoying ftp upload/download business